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REF: E0004

Blesbok Trophy Horns, South Africa Circa 1960

  • Blesbok Trophy Horns, South Africa Circa 1960
    Mounted on an oval hardwood plaque.
    The horns measuring 22” in length from skullcap to tip.
    Blesbok are a medium-sized species of antelope that inhabit the highveld areas of South Africa.
    A Blesbok trophy with horns measuring greater than 15” is considered by collectors to be an exceptional sized trophy.

    Important Note: Clients living outside of Canada should be aware that shipping this item internationally may be prohibited without a CITES document (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to review and inquire about your country’s import policies and if necessary obtain the proper import permit for this item before purchasing.

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