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Ernest Johnson Antiques has been providing appraisal services of fine art, furniture & accessories for both private and corporate clients for over 20 years. Among its corporate clients Esso Canada, Public Works & Government Services Canada, Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada, and the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation.

Whether it’s for a collection or a single item, our appraisal services for the market, probate, and insurance needs are conducted on-site. In addition to written appraisals where signed hard copies on business stationery are provided, we also offer verbal appraisals at a reduced fee structure. 
We charge by a flat hourly rate. Please enquire in advance for rates.

Important Note

Appraisals are only conducted on items when viewed on-site only. We do not do appraisals using digital images or photographs. Unfortunately, we do not appraise jewelry or books.

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