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REF: D0078

‘Ariadne &The Panther’

  • ‘Ariadne &The Panther’

    A Finely Sculpted 19th Century Figural Alabaster Group after Johann Heinrich von Dannecker (1758-1841)

    A large & finely sculpted alabaster figure of Ariadne, wife of Dionysus the God of wine, shown adorned with a diadem of vine leaves, while in repose atop the back of Dionysus’s striding panther. Sensitively & skillfully carved with exacting proportions in creamy white alabaster. In very good overall condition with only minor conservation to one toe. Dimensions, 15.5" high x 14" wide x 6.75” deep.


    Johann Danneckers original sculpture of Ariadne was such an important and revered work when it was completed in 1824, that a structure named the Ariadneum was constructed solely for the purpose of displaying it.

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