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REF: P0068

Very Good 19th Century Italian ‘Macchiaioli School’ Landscape, Signed P. Manzoni

  • A Very Good 19th Century Italian ‘Macchiaioli School’ Landscape, Signed P. Manzoni


    A finely executed 19 th century ‘plein air’ forested landscape demonstrating a well developed & balanced use of natural light, texture & shading.

    Oil on wood panel, signed bottom right, P. Manzoni. Dimensions, (sight) 8.75" high x 12.25" wide, (framed) 14.75" high x 18.5" wide.

    There is very little known about the Italian artist P. Manzoni, other than he was primarily a landscape painter working in Tuscany between 1850-1900.

    The Macchiaioli School
    During the mid 19th century several French Barbizon School artists, including Poussin & Tissot travelled to Italy to experience firsthand the unique Mediterranean sunlight, painting & sketching throughout the Roman countryside. Then In 1859, inspired by these French artists, a group of Italian artists formed a group known as ‘The Macchiaioli’ (spot painters). This group strongly rejected the traditional Italian academy style of painting, choosing instead to leave the static confines of the artist’s studio in lieu of the more freeing experience of the ‘plein air’ or Barbizon School style method.
    They applied the natural elements of sunlight & shade found within the forested landscapes, into contrasting ‘spots’, (macchie).
    This charming Italian forested landscape is one such example of the Macchiaioli School.

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