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A Rare & Important Canadian Pre-Confederation Bronze Measure, Dated 1860

  • A Rare & Important Canadian Pre-Confederation Bronze Measure, Dated 1860


    The circular body sided by open handles, the front engraved in script with the date 1860 (seven years prior to Canada’s Confederation in 1867), the underside bearing French foundry marks 'O St. Amant'.

    Exhibiting a fine old, if not original patina overall.

    Dimensions: 9” high x 14” diameter, (17” wide across the handles). Weight, 38.5 lbs. 


    In 1860, Lower Canada (now known as the Province of Quebec), received approximately 4 sets of standard weights & measures, each engraved with the date 1860 and the letters V.R.L.C. (for Victoria Regina Lower Canada) over each volume of measurement, in this case 1/2 MINOT which is the French term for the British equivalent of a half bushel.       

    One complete set was delivered to the Clerk of the Assembly, with the balance delivered to Inspectors of Weights and Measures in diverse parts of Lower Canada.

    At the present time, to the best of my knowledge there are no other 'Lower Canada' bronze measures known to exist on the market. 


    REFERENCE MATERIAL: ‘Statutes of the Province of Ontario, as per the Act to Amend the Laws of the Province of Canada Relating to Weights & Measures, dated May 4th, 1859’. 

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