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REF: O0013

A Finely Executed Mughal Style, India Company School (Delhi) Erotica Panel

  • A Finely Executed Mughal Style, India Company School (Delhi) Erotica Panel, Circa 1850

    Watercolour on ivory panel, dimensions, 3.25” high x 5.75” wide.(Portions of the image have been blurred so as not to offend some parties. An unedited image is available upon request)  

     During the period of the British East India Company’s time in India, Indian artists catering to the tastes of British & European tourists came to be known as ‘India Company School’ artists. These artists combined traditional Mughal styles often associated with historical themes & traditions, but with more Western tastes & influences, of which those working with watercolour on ivory were the preferred, if not unique medium of Delhi artists. In addition to the mainstream demand of commissioned portrait miniatures, Company School artists also painted erotica illustrations based on those found in the Kama Sutra, which during the mid to late 19th century became quite popular with Western tourists & audiences. Depicted here is one such very fine example, in which we see an amorous encounter between a high-ranking member of an Indian Royal family and his concubine, together with a female attendant. Executed with extremely fine brushwork and attention to detail, deftly capturing the decorative elements of their costumes & jewellery, as well as the interior & exterior features of their physical surroundings.

    Important Notice to International Clients: Please be advised that in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), this item requires CITES Import & Export documents in order to facilitate shipment out of Canada.

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