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A 19th Century Portrait of Julius Vincenz von Krombholz (1782-1843)

  • A 19th Century Portrait of Julius Vincenz von Krombholz (1782-1843)

    Julius Vincenz von Krombholz was an important 19th century Czech physician & mycologist, and professor of Special Pathology & Therapy at Prague University, and in 1831 he was then appointed Rector of Prague University. In his role as a Mycologist, Krombholz published several important works on the subject dealing with the toxicity, genetic & biochemical properties of funghi, and is responsible for having discovered several funghi that now bear his authorship (Krombh) in their descriptions.                           

    He is shown here in ¾ profile, attired in a black tunic over a white linen shirt & cravat and wearing the Rectors Chain of Prague University draped about him. In back and to the left of his right shoulder stands the figure of Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine, which is representative of the medical arts.

    Oil on canvas, measuring 30.75” high x 24.5” wide, mounted within what appears to be its original - albeit rubbed, giltwood frame, measuring 35.75” high x 29.5” wide x 2.75” deep.

    Although apparently unsigned, a portrait of Julius Vincenz von Krombholz is recorded in a list of works by noted 19th century Czech portrait artist Franz Horziczka.

    Franz Horziczka (1776-1856) is considered to have been the most important Czech portrait artist of his day, very much in demand by a list of Prague’s wealthy patrons including clerical figures, physicians, statesmen, poets, as well as other notable figures & intelligentsia.

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