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Portrait of a Woman in Black, Attributed to Eduard Kaiser (1820-1895) Austrian

  • Portrait of a Woman in Black, Attributed to Eduard Kaiser (1820-1895) Austrian
    A finely executed portrait of a stately woman wearing mourning attire, replete with a black feather hat and a jewelled gold broach.
    Oil on mahogany panel, measuring 8.75” x 6.25”, signed indistinctly middle left.
    Eduard Kaiser aka Kaesar (1820 -1895) Eduard Kaiser studied at the Vienna Academy under Josef Danhauser and soon became a contender for the top portrait artist in Vienna. In 1848 Eduard Kaiser joined the Academic Legion, during this time he executed portraits of some of the main figures of the March Revolution including Josef Radetzky, Franz Schuselka, Hans Kudlich Adolf Fischhof & Carl Giskra.
    From 1852 to1853 Eduard Kaiser lived and worked in Rome before returning to Austria where he developed a profitable portrait-lithography business with a clientele that included sitters such as Franz Joseph 1st, His Empress Elisabeth of Austro-Hungary, Friedrich Hebbel, Robert Schumann and Clara Schumann. Following another trip to Rome where he worked for several more years, he then returned to Vienna in 1886 where he concentrated on portrait painting in oils and watercolour.

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